MMAGOLD, Non-Profit Organization was founded in 2010 by Dave Hirschbein, an MMA enthusiast.  Dave is a former AAU Greco Roman National Runner-Up and holds a brown belt in Taekwondo under 6th Degree Black Belt “KJN” Gary Merlo at West Coast Martial Arts in El Dorado Hills, CA.  Dave is the CEO of MMAGOLD, LLC and heads up the management & fight booking for the MMAGOLD Fight Team. Dave holds degrees from the University of Chico, CA and The International School of Business from Torino, Italy.


Heather Mendieta – Co-Owner MMAPINK & Director of Media Relations

Heather teamed up with Dave Hirschbein through a mutual friend and instantly showcased her talents for woman’s athletic apparel and media relations.  As Heather has a strong background in corporate America, she currently is the GM for Party City.  Heather is the co-owner with Dave Hirschbein for the MMAPINK Fight Brand to promote woman’s MMA.  Additionally, Heather maintains  a large network of mainstream media contacts and routinely coordinates MMAGOLD/MMAPINK  fighters to be showcased within the media along with coordinating the various charity events we take part in.  Heather is a welcomed addition the family.


Jim West – Head Grappling/MMA Instructor

Jim is the head Submission Grappling/MMA Instructor at MMAGOLD and is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Terry Maxwell. Jim has trained fighters since 2006 and has trained gold medal winners in Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Champions. Jim is known in the Region for saying what he does and doing what he says.  Jim also played collegiate and professional baseball and holds a Master’s Degree in business.

Doug Casebier – “Coach Doug” Strength & Conditioning

Coach Doug’s passion of human anatomy and physiology has led him to become one of the most highly respected and sought after personal trainers in the United States & Canada.  Couch Doug leads all MMAGOLD’s fighters nutrition and Strength & Conditioning Programs.  He excels at designing very specific, personalized nutrition and workout programs for top athletes and fitness competitors as well as “typical” individuals desiring weight loss, weight gain and rehabilitation.  The details of nutrition and workouts are something that few trainers have the knowledge and expertise to successfully and safely prescribe.  Coach Doug’s ultimate goal is to travel the world and share his knowledge of health and fitness with people from all walks of life.

Alex Grunder – Wrestling Instructor

Alex earned a scholarship to one of the country’s most prestigious Division 1 Wrestling Program in the United States, the University of Iowa.  Alex brings the Iowa wrestling passion and intensity to the MMAGOLD Fight Team.

Mike Guy – Boxing Instructor

With a current professional boxing record of 7-1, Mike brings truly one of the most dominant and intense approaches when instructing the MMAGOLD Fight Team. Mike is also well versed in Mixed Martial Arts and has trained UFC Fighters such as Scott Smith, James Irvin and Tim Mckenzie.

Ryan Brown – Grappling Instructor

Ryan is a BJJ Black Belt who began his Gracie Jits training in 2005 and was awarded his black belt by “Rickson Gracie” black belt “David Terry” in June, 2013.  Ryan leads our Wednesday night grappling session.  Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge to our MMA Fighters as he’s been studying and competing in martial arts since 2000.

Joe Beck (MF) – Kickboxing Instructor

Joe Beck or (MF) as we call him is a lifetime athlete, having trained in many different martial arts since 1996.  MF is a former IKF Kickboxer.  Additionally, MF is a certified Personal Trainer who leads our kickboxing program and a high intensity cardio class preparing our fighters for WAR.

Justin Castrillo – MMA Instructor

Justin has been training fighters since 2007 and has worked with some of the biggest names in the sport of MMA.  Prior to entering into MMA, Justin was a collegiate wrestler who also has experience competing internationally.  Outside of MMAGOLD, Justin is currently the head wrestling coach at Oakmont High School in Roseville, CA.  Justin holds Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Ashford University in Iowa.

Daniel Brito – MMA Instructor

Daniel Brito is a welcome addition to the MMAGOLD Fight Team.  Brito brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as he’s been involved in MMA for over a decade and has coached some of the very best athletes in the business. Brito also specializes in Ground n Pound and BJJ techniques.

Cote Law Group – Legal Assistance

Founded in 2010, the Cote Law Group specializes in General Liability, Business Litigation, Employment Law and other key areas within business.   The Cote Law Group is a key partner to MMAGOLD as trusted advisors.

The attorneys at Cote Law Group all have extensive experience litigating and trying cases.  The Firm’s founder, Scott Cote, was a co-founder of Seley & Cote, LLP.  Previously, Mr. Cote was a partner at a large national law firm based out of Los Angeles.  Paul Phillips compliments the firm’s practice with his experience in Labor and Employment law.  Benjamin Davies brings a broad background in General Civil Litigation to the Firm.  www.cotelawgroup.com

Dave Hirschbein
MMAGOLD Founder & President
E-Mail: dave.mmagold@gmail.com

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